For the past two days, all of my friends have left campus to go to college parties. Like I said previously, I do not engage in the party scene at all. I consider it to be overrated and sad at the same time. I constantly ask my friends why they do it, and they give no answers. "It’s fun." "We’re mature." "It’s because we’re in college." It’s so illogical it makes no sense to me. The next day, they all came back, joking and laughing at their night previous. Laughing at the guy who threw up in a toilet for 2 hours. Praising the girl who drank 17 shots in 30 minutes. Congratulating the girl who was drunk for the first time in her life. What’s there to celebrate in this? Should I award a medal to these people for such petty accomplishments? And what’s worse is that the enjoyment is shared. Their friendship grows through their idiocy. And simply because I’m the one that actually maintained a sense of integrity, I am isolated from them. I cannot enjoy what they enjoyed, and while I prefer not to do what they do, I feel alone. I feel distanced each time they go out, for their relationships grow and I stay the same.

I hate it. Why must I stay behind just because I actually stick to my ideals? Why are they able to defy their broken sense of morality without regret? I look upon them with scorn, at least behind a false smile. And the worst part, I think, is what happens in the end. They all graduate with me with a sense of accomplishment. They won in the end. They successfully led fulfilling lives, did whatever they wanted to do, even when they knew it was wrong. The same individual who threw up in toilets nightly is going to dental school. I must be speaking hyperboles right now, but I just hate the way I feel about it right now. I have seen what people really are: opportunists that only want what is perceived as acceptable, drones that have no regard for any common sense, and slaves to bottles and substance.

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  1. Whereismymind 12 years ago

    Thanks for the perspective, guys. Don”t get me wrong, I like these people. They are fun to be around, but I simply frown upon the choices they make, regardless of the fact that I have no authority over them. I suppose you are right that I shouldn”t have to be hurt because of their mistakes. 

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