So the following is the results of my EEG- but for those of you who dont want to read all about the stupid doctors it went horribly. My only hope is a family doctor and I am actually letting myself hope for this- even though I never let myself hope and only allow myself to expect the worst that way I will be prepared or pleasantly surprised. But I am letting myself hope because I know that if this falls through no one will get mad at me or look at me weird for crying over it. Which I will.

Well the EEG showed that I have spikes on my left brain which just means that one day in the right conditions I could POSSIBLY have a seizure again. But the stupid nuerologist wont sign off on it just because it will switch my days and nights and be extremely hot there…which could possibly make me have a seizure even though I'm showing no symptoms- not even the smallest ones. And my brain ISNT having seizurez at all and its not even close to wanting to put me on any meds- nto even meds that would prevent it because there is no need to. But he still wont sign. So my only hope for Japan is my family doctor who may sign off despite what he said.

The only problem is in the last year the office has changed doctors 3 times and so I've only seen this doctor once- for a physical for Japan. So its really not looking good on my end. Actually just thinking about it makes me want to cry even though my dad says he will organize a family trip there for 2014 it wont be the smae for many resaons. I wont be helping with Tsunami Cleanup, I wont get to stay with a Japanese family- or even sleep on tatami mats! I also wont get to go to a Japanese school for a day and just soo manny more things.

When I go with dad he will take us with a tour group which means regular hotels and the most americanized visit to Japan anyone can take =,(

I swearall nuerologists and doctors hate me.


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