Poll: Well the turtle is homeless and as a result of his homelessness he died and he was found a quarter naked and the autopsy report shows no signs of lizardness.


Today Im am a little annoyed, mum has to stay back at work untill next friday (she is meant to be home on Tuesday) which means she will only be home for a long weekend instead of a week. Reason being is that on the mine site there are only two freakin people that can do a certain job, which my mum and another lady share, but because this other lady has hurt herself (again) she cant do that job so mum has to stay back and do it.

I have still been trying to make an appointment with a psychologist but still nothing, I have left messages and have been calling all week, Im not to happy about that either (lol) BUT I'll keep trying i spose…

Still have not gotten over the spider… I have not used the toilet down stairs or the laundry but tonight I grew some balls and opened the laundry and toilet doors and got some fry spray and stood  up on a chair and sprayed the crap out of them to kill ANYTHING that is alive in there lol ONLY because I really need to do some washing lol

Well thats it from me today, enjoy your weekend peoples



EDIT: Well it looks like my plan to drown the laundry and toilet in fly spray worked… I had a thought to go to the laundry and turn the light on and check it out, I got about a metre away and saw a huge motherfucken spider drop off the roof of the hallway (shit just ashed in my drink :(…) I squealed and lept to the nearest chair and tried to find where it went… It's on the floor (I hope its still there) I think its dead I BLOODY HOPE ITS DEAD eh its so gross… I keep seeing my tattoo in the corner of my eye and I think its the spider lol (stupid… paranoid!!!)  ITS FUCKING GONE!!!!! I cant see it anywhere… 10800


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