So, this is my first day here, and I have to admit it hasn't helped much. I've spent… what… an hour and a bit in chat, maybe two hours, and I don't think I'm ever stepping foot in there again. Sure, it was fine for a while, but god forbid I mention that I care about animals enough to think that fishing is wrong, and god forbid people find out I'm a vegetarian, because then what? What happens? All the closed minded people decide that it's fun to take the piss with their "Are you having COW today?" "No I'm having PIG".

Sure, it doesn't matter to you. But take a step back one fucking minute would you? I'm not sat here telling you that you're evil for whatever. I was expressing a personal opinion, which I didn't even get to finish because my computer cut out on me, and when I got back I got ridiculed for my beliefs. I'm sick of this type of thing. I always get it. It's like… just because I actually have an inkling of respect for other creatures I deserve to have peoplemake fun of me. I'm either a wuss or stupid or 'going through that phase' or whatever. I don't even judge people who eat meat. I think eating meat is perfectly fucking dandy so long as it's not from a pig that's lived in its own faeces for most of its life and not had more than a foot to move in because, to be honest, that's just disgusting. But, y'know, it's natural to eat meat. That's fine. I obstain for personal reasons. I don't fucking preach to you about how eating meat is sooooo bloody wrong that you'll go to hell (haha as if that exists) for it, so what the hell gives you the right to belittle me and make me feel like a complete twat for not eating meat? Does this mean that I command less respect than you?

Debating is one thing and that's fine. Sure, people don't always agree, but that doesn't bother me. Differences are what make us unique, they're what make us interested in each other. My boyfriend's an avid meat eater and that's ok, I don't care. My best friend, too. I love debating with them, because they don't immediately belittle me for my choices. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with discussing the pros and cons and moral implications and stuff. I'm a philosophy student for crying out loud. But don't take the moral highground when you're PAYING people to MURDER and TORTURE helpless creatures. And don't go acting like I'm WRONG for realising that just because other people do something doesn't make it morally sound.

Honest to God. Some people make my skin crawl.

Thanks, though, for completely dismissing my calm way of saying that I don't appreciate your comments and continuing with them. That really helps me feel like I have some worth in a community which is SUPPOSED to be helping me to deal with life. Instead I just feel ostracised even from this place and that's not on. That's really not on.





  1. sadjac 13 years ago

    I see absolutly nothing wrong with being a vegitarian or vegan. Infact I think its quite commendable.

    Sorry you got such a hard time in chat. Really I am. xx Jac

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  2. Phlox 13 years ago

    Thanks for your comments everyone. I guess, now I've calmed down, I realise that I did sling everyone in with those few people. Thanks for reminding me not everyone's like that. <3

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