So ya both functions went off smoothly as well as the access aids Christmas party,so in a 1 month period access held 3 large events.Lots of folks attended the breakfast but only to PHA's were in Attendence,a fact that was pointed out to me.While there were several PHA's at the Candle light Vigil,there was again NO local news coverage at ANY of these events,kinda strange given the fact that they were held near the dec 1 date.The xmas party was alot smaller this year-as we have lost more then a few clients this year,their missing but not forgotten faces were missed litterly as we noticed how much smaller the gathering was  compared to other years.Seems to be the trend though,at the breakfast it was anounced that the GOV will be cutting funding for ASOs by 30% this yr.& this when Access Aids Staff has Been bumped up to almost 20 – & NONE are HIV+ as our local ASO isnt following the GIPA Principles at all!!!i want to look into this further & find out just what education i need to get in the door there ,or maybe i have never been there i want to go check it out as soon as i can.ohya i went to trial & got 2 years probation with 1`50 hrs of community servie work ,so ,the crown stated that its 'now up to you mr gough,to prove to us that you are the changed man you say you are"Like all of my work that i have been doing so far didnt count for shit,i wasnt too happy,but had to plead guilty & take another mark on my record.I  was already to start applying for pardens but now theres o many of them it will cost a fotrune to get them all done!!!BUT i told a girl on facebook that i was HIV+ & she still sent me kisses & hugs…i was impressed,she seems ok but never types or writes back to me.So  i wonder if she really likes me or is just being nice to me.Its been so long since i dated or anything…well if not her there will be another,& watever one gets me will be in for some  laughter,romance,sunsets & blueskies ,mix in some good tunes & movies, & lots of prayer thrown in & who knows eh folkds?not me ,not now anyhow,GODBLESS ALL MY FELLOW WARRIORS,we need to blog,create front lines of attack against HIV-aids,the more the better our chances of winning-blog,websites,keep a daily diary and tell the world what its like living with HIV or AIDS on a daily basis~peace n love eh folks not wars n walls!!!!


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