I had my first day at my new job on Tuesday and it went well, i dont really like being the new person and feel i was just in the road but i will eventually get there practice makes perfect as they say 🙂 yje staff all seem really nice and friendly and really helpfull which is a massive improvement from my last one. It feels like i have made the right choices and can now start making more positive steps and doing what i think/feel is going to be for the best or at least the best for myself and my family. Letting go of my control is still a struggle but i know that i cant sit and worrying/obsess about things that might not even happn i cant prepare myself for everything or i will just lose/miss out on the good things that are constantly happening around me 😉 it feels great to have lots of positive changes happening and i am trying to embrace each of them and try to live in the moment not thinking of the past or worrying over the future living for today and making it count…

We finally had the plumber out today so we can get an electric shower installed i am so excited to start getting the work on the bathroom done, then i can focus on my hallway and the bedroom lol and re do my kitchen 🙂 i am begining to get excited for college to re start in September i feel i need the challenge after having these past few weeks to relax. I do need to get back into a healthy excercise and eating routine again though as it will help with stress something that i need to learn how to cope with and manage. Does anyone here suffer from stress related anxiety and use excercise to cope ? if so what do you find has helped/is best


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