I continue to be very frustrated. I was able to get my grades to a point where they are passing yet my mom still decided to yell at me while I was working on it telling me I should get all A’s and it’s my fault because I “refused to care about it until now” but she refuses to understand that it’s not me being lazy. For starters, I have ADHD which she has too so she knows how hard that can make things. Secondly, I have anxiety so while the idea of making a video of me playing the flute doesn’t seem like much to her, the idea of playing an instrument so someone can judge me on how well I do so s absolutely terrifying which makes band a lot harder. Lastly, the biggest reason, I am very much depressed so I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning and am still expected to get good grades. It’s not like my schoolwork is a priority when I am trying not to kill myself so it’s very frustrating how I am seen as the badguy for not getting an assignment done when I feel that in a life or death scenario, homework isn’t an option.

Thank you for reading my vent. If you have any advice, that would be great, otherwise, that is all.




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