Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

My 9 year old daughter and I watched  "Message in a bottle" tonite. Afterwards she ran into the office and was writing frantically. Having done the similar thing, I could tell it was important and let her stay up to finish. I'd like to share it with you. My little one said that it scared her because she didn't know she had these thoughts in her. So, for your perusal, enjoyment or pondering…."My Life" by K.

As I travel from afar, I will always be remembered. The things I have lost are painful, but when you realize who you are, you forgive what has happened.  Though you don’t want to admit it you love everyone, you just don’t know it. Some things are special and some things are not. If everthing is special to you, your great life will continue. It’s hard for the things you have lost, you miss them and they miss you a lot. Things are not always right, things can change unexpectedly. If you think you’re alone, you’re not. God will always be with you, he will never leave you. He loves everyone in the world, he protects everyone. Your family will always love you. They will never hate you. If they died you are still remembered by them. Your friends care a lot, they will always be there. Though things don’t go quite right, you forgive them for what has happened. And this story of my life will change my familys’ lives, and it may change yours too. I love everyone I know. You don’t know why you acted strange. So you ask yourself, why can’t I just be me. Things happen all the time but sometimes you just don’t know it. My life is different than everyone elses. Our lives are different for a reason. No one should be the same, it just wouldn’t feel right. Education helps your life continue. Everyday is different than the rest. The days you are alive don’t have to be different. Change your life anyway you want to or your life wouldn’t be one. My life is just like yours. Every day you wonder why you are alive. You trust yourself to care for others and yourself. I hope you understand why I wrote this. Please, be different, or the world will be the same forever.

Peace and Love, Demi 


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