I was out for my walk today and I was thinking. Alot of the times I don't want to do anything but sit and laze around. Even now that my anxiety is starting to bother me again. I know all of the things I have to do. I can feel my mood change soon as I decide I'm actually going to do them. But still, I make excuses like its to cold out to walk, I'm too anxious to exercise, I don't feel like going out with friends…blah blah blah. I see my anxiety as tolerable but my depression and lack of drive throws it over the top. I can't find any literature on this so I guess this is going to be my personal study. Do you guys feel like this? Do you think that the anxiety causes a lack of drive or lack of drive perpetuates anxiety? I know that I tell you guys to eat healthy, exercise, and think possitive all the time and I know this eases anxiety. There have been tones of studies on this and its proven to work just as good as meds without any side effects. But some I tell this too are still anxious as hell. Others that write back that are doing it are very possitive and thankful. If you guys can leave a comment below and tell me if you are doing these things and what your overal mood is and anxiety level and even if you are not I would like to know. I need to find the correlation between this lack of drive and anxiety. I woke up anxious this morning and just wanted to stay in bed. I just layed there while my heart rate went up and down, up and down. So i finally got out of bed and went for coffee (decafe). I thought that it would make me extreamly anxious if I went for a 2 hour drive. So I came up with excuses, its too far, gas is expensive, its not gonna fix my anxiety, ect. So I did it anyway. I was anxious, then I wasn't, then I was anxious then I wasn't…. I have found that your mind will creat safety through thoughts as it would when you are faced with trauma. So no matter the situation, if you are affraid of it and you face it nothing will get worse. But if you try to face it and run away you may reinforce that fear. So I never try, I just do it! I felt ok when I got there, walked around a little. The drive home was alot better than the drive there. When I got home I forced myself to exercise than eat something healthy. I took a shower and gathered laundry then I went for a walk. Now I didn't want to do any of this. I had to push myself to even get out of bed. My drive has gone to shit. I see absolutley no joy in anything. Usually I can focus on things like the up cpming warm weather or riding my Harley but there is nothing. I feel nothing but gloom and anxiety. But after forcing myself to do things I feel more stable. I found moments of releif rather than an intire anxious day. I hate those by the way lol.So leave a comment, tell me what you think about all of this. I am really interested in this aspect of anxiety. Hope everyone is well :")

  1. sleepygirl 10 years ago

    Yeah, I find that I have a lack of drive if I let myself think about what I have to do too much. If I don\'t think about it and just get my buttocks up and go do it, I feel lots better. I have also noticed that when I feel very worried about something I tell myself it\'s not a big deal, I\'ll take as much time as I want to do whatever it is and I don\'t even have to finish, it\'s the getting out there and trying that really counts. But the \'just doing it\' helps the most. Also the eating healthy has surpassed me, I eat my fruits and vegies and my ice cream right along with it. The exercising helps soooooo much, so I don\'t even give myself a chance to make excuses not to do that.
    I guess my answer is, YES, I do find that my anxiety levels effect my lethargy negatively, however I do find that it is often a mind over matter issue and if you talk yourself into it one day you may not be able to the next, so the key is to JUST DO IT.

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  2. Happy_Sad_Lady 10 years ago

    Ok well my thing is that if I dont do anything at all and I just lay in bed and watch tv or just get on the laptop and relax all day I get really anxious. So I force myself to start doing things and that makes it better. I truly belive that anxiety goes away not just with positive thoughts but with distracting your thoughts. Its almost like tricking your brain but it also gets to a point that you know your trying to trick your brain and that makes you anxious. So sometimes we have to think wow im here all anxious and depressed and there are people with cancer and people who are dead and people with extreme mental disabilities that they cant controll not even with happy thoughts or distractions or time or meds. So being grateful for those things helps calm down anxiety when you make it a weaker form than the big bad wolf form that your mind is trying to make it look like. Reading the bible on scriptures that have to do with anxiety or things relating to what I am going through help also.like for example in the bible Luke chapter 12 verses 25-26 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? 26:Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Just having a belief or faith in something can help your anxiety reside. I might have gotten a lil off the subject but yeah anxiety creeps up on us and if we sit still and dont move around and do our regular daily activities we will be in deep thought and then that one big thought will turn into lots of lil thoughts and then those thoughts will turn into reactions of fear and worry and feeling sick and all those other anoying things that come with this disease. So I think the more things on your schedule the better. But also keep in mind that those things in your schedule should not take you completely out of your comfort zone because that also can trigger anxiety. So ITS ALL IN OUR HEADS. Once we truly realize that its not gona harm us we will all get better. And I dont mean keep the thought in our head that its not gona harm us I mean really trully believe and know its not gona harm us. We should all also find a friend/lover/psychiatrist etc… that knows what we are going through and can give us tough love and soothing words when we are going through our anxiety. Well that is my novel on your blog kiddo and thanks for posting it. It really made me go all over the place and maybe away from the subject but it did really make me think about certain positive things.

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  3. hausmank 10 years ago

    I call those my slumps, it\'s a mind set of \'i\'ll just skip this one workout, i\'ll just eat bad this meal, I\'ll do it later\” a lot of just this once turns into weeks of bad practice. My anxiety is worse when i eat worse. I do not believe that exercise has any effect on me because i work out almost every day (when not in a slump) and I\'ve had some of my worst attacks after a workout. Eating better/being motivated helps with my anxiety but doesn\'t cure it completely. I feel they are more manageable when i\'m eating less/healthier.

    Just have one really hard workout so you feel great which is motivating to keep going! To break slumps i hang a picture of someone w/a nice body so i can try to look like that!

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  4. Giver 10 years ago

    I have these issues all the time. I know what things I need to do to keep anxiety in check but sometimes I just don\'t want to do them, so it becomes a vicious cycle. For me one trick that works is to find something new to do that I have been looking forward to. That helps me get over the hump. So, if I don\'t feel like going running but there\'s a new run that I have been wanting to check out, I tell myself that I\'ll do the new run. The anticipation of something different is what helps get me out of that chair. The other thing that I do is to cut myself a break when I\'m having trouble getting motivated. I\'ll spend all day trying to psych myself up to go running, so much so that when I don\'t want to do it I get anxious about my lack of motivation! So I\'ve learned to cut myself a break. I\'ll go for a walk instead of a run. Lots of times I\'ll feel so much better while walking that I\'ll end up running anyway. So basically I aim for a smaller, more doable task. Hang in there and try to break down your to do list into parts that seem more achievable. i think it can work pretty well! :0)

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