Solipsism: The theory that nothing outside of one’s own mind exists. This includes objects, animals, even people. The whole world would be a projection of your own mind.

At the moment, solipsism doesn’t have any rebuttal. And I don’t think there will be one for quite some time. But, there ARE ways to cope with this idea and to weaken it’s probability.

For example: if reality is a projection of our own mind, then why can’t we control it? Of course, this is pretty basic, but the idea can still help. Like…try looking at an object, and say aloud or in your head that it will turn a different colour. Does the object change colour? More than likely, it doesn’t. Which means, it have to be real, and situated in fact.

Now, if you’re someone like me, this won’t work for you. Your brain will go down the train of thought about “What if this is all just an illusion I can’t control? What if fact isn’t actually fact??”

The idea I’m attempting to use to cope with this is that if this reality really IS all in your own head, and everything is a projection of your mind…then if you believe it’s real, it must be. If this is truly your reality, and you believe it’s real, then it has to be real.

Another idea that might be a little more scary for some people, but comforting for others, is…what if YOU don’t exist either?? That would mean you are part of the illusion. Everything, including you, is an illusion, and therefore you are not alone, because you are part of it.

Neither of these ideas are solid, mind you, but they might help to quiet your thoughts a little like they are doing to mine. Just know that I know for absolute certain that you and I are real. And it may be hard to trust me on this, as doubting my statement would be very simple, but…sometimes, you just have to fight what your brain tells you.

In addition, you can try thinking instead of from to perspective of “what if this isn’t real” to “what if this IS real”. Changing perspective is pretty much always a helpful tactic, so you should definitely try it sometime! It could make your life a whole bunch easier.

Well, that’s it. Thank you for reading, and I hope I was able to help at least one person here! I may add onto this sometime, but for now, enjoy this piece of my mind.


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