‎*WARNING* this is a rant… you have been warned!

So Im next in line at… yea you guessed it "WALMART". I'm stuck behind that person who pays with everything she has in their wallet… yea one of those. So I'm being A.D.D as most of you know I can totally be. Anyways, so the girl is sixteen bucks short. At the same time she tells the checker lady she only wants the dog food (not the two boxes ofcheap dye, a pack of Lee French tip Press ons, and green nail polish O_o) I noticed a twenty at her feet. Now before my blonde brain can register she was putting stuff back I said "Hey is that your twenty" gahhh!?!?!? I knew right then what I did…smh! Ive never seen a girl drop it like its hot, and check out so fast in my life! Dude seriously!?!? I just waited while you pulled your EBT card (and acted like you didn't kno how to use it…really!?!?), 4 different Walmart cards, and The Russel Simmons credit card!?!? Then you gonna take my treasure and run!?!? Haha… I guess thats what I get for avoiding the line with the lady paying with wic!! The end.

  1. ughreally 10 years ago

    OMG…a RUSSELL SIMMONS CREDIT CARD!??! People actually use those things? LMAOOOOO. That\'s one messed up chick. I probably wouldn\'t have said jack and acted like I dropped something by her feet and snatched that twenty up. Nah…I don\'t have the balls.

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  2. HeresAndy 10 years ago

    Haha that must have been frustrating as hell 😛 You must be quite a decent person to have asked her if it was hers first 🙂 Happens to me now and then and half the time I wish I\'d claimed the prize myself heh 🙂

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