My mind is going a mile a minute. I’m not really sure what to do with the way things are for me right now. On the one-hand, I’m feeling like I can get a handle on work things, finally. Just telling everybody what I expect from them, in a decent way, and gently prodding them to do exactly that. On the other hand, my personal life is a real shambles right now. My whatever he is and I are arguing, yet again. Well, not really arguing so much as I don’t feel like he’s listening to what I’m saying about how I feel. Then I have a friend who is great to talk to, and we seem to get along well, but it’s not really on a relationship track. Despite being somewhat close in age, he and I are in vastly different places in our lives: his children are teenagers whereas my son is not out of primary school; he is going through a divorce when I have never been married; I want more children and a marriage and he isn’t looking for either again. We are compatible in several ways, but like I said, not really a relationship track. Then there is this young man who just got back from basic training that is really sweet and very handsome, but he’s leaving this Friday for deployment in Asia and will be there for at the least a year. So obviously I cannot pursue a relationship with him, at least not one that will proceed at any kind of steady pace. So, yea…I have no idea what to do with anything that is going on in my personal life. I suppose I could wait until the summer and attempt to go back to school, again, but I’m still trying to pay off last summers tuition and I’m not doing a great job with that at the moment. I have a pretty good friend on here that is encouraging me in every way she can, but the lack of a close friend to cry on the phone with or share a girls night with is making it a little more difficult to decide what is the best thing to do. I guess what I’m asking in this is for a little bit of help in getting these people close to me to understand what I need from them in order for me to be a good fit in their lives. And what I should do to make things better for me with my love life. Because as of right now, I haven’t a damn clue what to do in either situation, especially with regards to the men around me.


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