So as things were going smoothly the last week… a bomb was dropped on me. For weeks I had my ex, Mike, popping up in my dreams. So I knew it was only a matter of time till he got a hold of me some how. I just didn't know HOW since I have him blocked on virtually everything.

So he emailed me on my work email! I mean… I didn't even think of that one! When I didn't answer his email he proceeded to block his caller ID and call into the office! Ugh! It bugs me how he thinks he has the right to talk to me at all after everything he has done to me! It just urks me how he's just so calm and collected about this shit all the time. Hopping from girl to girl, caring about none of them. Smooth talking and saying whatever will land him the chick in bed! It bugs me so much! How can people live like that?

He asked how I was and how my family is, my friends… all small talk. Some how we got into it and he said he missed me. Or that he misses me sometimes and how he sleeps on "my side of the bed" as if I have a side of that bed! Ugh! I gave nothing away to him. He deserves nothing from me! He doesn't deserve me love, respect or admiration. He just makes my skin crawl. And all he can ever do is make excuses for shit! Once you catch him in a corner on something he'll attempt to get his way out of that corner with another excuse. Annoying!

Why can't people just be accountable? Why can't they mean what they say? Why can't they care about others feelings? Why is everyone so cold and uncaring?

Am I some horrible person for loving all the wrong people? For not taking them back? Or for taking them back and then learning my lesson? 


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