this site has aerial footage of military supplies to be sent overseas plus other videos. King 5 is Tacoma, WA's NBC affiliate news broadcast station. Below the article are youtube videos. There are many other articles, but the one below is from King 5, which is Tacoma, WA's NBC affiliate news broadcast station.

Anti-war protests continue at Tacoma port 05:45 PM PST on Monday, March 5, 2007


Protesters prepare for a second evening of civil disobedience

Aerials: Strykers, cannons and vehicles headed to Iraq

TACOMA – Anti-war activists are primed for another protest at the Port of Tacoma over the pending shipment of Stryker brigade equipment to Iraq.

A similar protest earlier in the day turned into a confrontation with police. Officers shot a demonstrator with a rubber bullet and arrested three people.

The protesters say they did nothing wrong and were just exercising their First Amendment rights. They say it's an outrage an unarmed protester was shot at.

Protesters have gathered again at the I-5 overpass on Pacific Avenue and plan to protest at the Port of Tacoma again tonight.

Protesters gathered on the Pacific Avenue I-5 overpass to voice their displeasure over the shipment of Stryker brigade materials through the Port of Tacoma.

College student Patrick Edelbacher is among those demonstrating after a night of protests that ended in three arrests.

“The arrests were really important in letting people know this is not only about the war in iraq now, but our civil liberties to protest,” Edelbacher said.

Overnight, some 30 activists gathered outside the Port of Tacoma to protest the shipment of Stryker vehicles and other equipment from Fort Lewis through the port on its way to Iraq.

At first, the protests were peaceful, but then Tacoma Police say they had to arrest three people who crossed over into the street and pushed themselves into a line of police officers. One ended up being shot with a rubber bullet.

“He had forced his way through the line, he was charging at the second line of officers, the officer felt that he was charging him in a threatening manner and he deployed a non-lethal foam rubber projectile, struck the subject in the thigh,” explained Mark Fulghum, a spokesman for the Tacoma Police Department.

Edelbacher sees it as something more sinister.

“It's disgusting, it's disturbing and it's sad that this is what freedom in America, what our First Amendment rights to assemble, if we assemble we get shot at with rubber bullets,” Edelbacher said.

Not everyone protesting is against the deployment. Nearby, a couple women from Olympia turned out to show their support for the troops and Tacoma Police. They say similar protests at the Port of Olympia last year derailed the shipments and they don't want to see that again.

“I want to see that the soldiers get the equipment they need to get the job done overseas regardless of any view on the war,” Shelley Weber said.

Tacoma Police stood nearby, ready to step in if the anti-war protesters disrupted the evening commute. Officers also plan to be at the port when further protests are expected.

A police spokesperson said as long as the protesters respect the designated do-not-cross line there should be no problems.

Bail for the three protesters arrested earlier has been set at $10,000 each.

All are expected to appear in court Tuesday.


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