Hi Family,

You know i just wanted to share good stuff this morning… And today is filled with so many wonderful things and people in my life. i am extremely greatful for all my down times because that has and is giving me this wonderful opportunity to reach out and ask for help from people that i would not normally do so from. and what wonderful rewards i have received. I just keep showing up and sharing my experience straingh and hope and wonderful gifts are handed to me. as all you know i Ride and i ride a lot. I use to ride with this group and now i do not… well at a meeting last night when i came out of it there were 3 motocycles sitting there… i knew one but the other 2 i did not… they asked where i was going told them to a treatment meeting… well they all got on there bikes and we went together… they did not stay but they all followed me into the parking lot just go give hugs good by… one said i have a riding partner when ever i want… well that just warmed my heart.. I just can not tell you how much piece i have in my heart today…I look at some of these people and just want to cry….(shoot i was there 2 weeks ago) the ones with so much pain in their hearts  that you can just see it…

Friends have come out of the wood work to love and support me when i thought that there was no one. I have found that as long as i am open to the love that people have to offer me i will be over flowing with it. I had shut my self off from all. so walking threw this was extremely tough for me… and you know so many people have told me Joy we were there  for you holding you up Just waiting for you to feel all the love around you….you know that saying let us love you untill you can learn to love your self  we were all just waiting for you to understand that we do all love you with out any strings…  What an amazing ride… i have said it before and i will say it again Thank god i am sober so that i can feel all i need to feel and make it to the other side a better person for it… not only do i know i am blessed i feel totaly blessed today… My tribe family thank you for letting me vent when i needed to vent and loving me threw this… what an amazing site… 

you ask what 831 is  well let me tell you


8 small letters

3 little words

1 big meaning

have an amazing day all 


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