Yesterday I woke up to a note that said "took your father to the hospital, stomach pains, will call later" later on down it said left at 1:34 am. When i was reading this it was 8:30 am and there were no voicemails on my phone. i woke my sister up and asked her if she knew anything about it and she said no. she was also worried at this time because we all know that usually after 4-5 hours they know what is going on. so, i tried calling my mom and all i got was her voicemail. then i called my other sister and asked her if she knew anything about it and she didn’t hear anything. then she called me to have me look up the numbers of different hospitals in the area because the note that my mom left us didn’t say which hospital they were going to. so, she said that she would call me when she found something out. she then called me and told me that they admitted him into one of the hospitals that we thought he would’ve went to. then she started to tell me what was going on. He has an inflamed pancreas, also know as pancreatitis, he is in room ICC, when i heard ICC, my chest got really tight, got short of breath, tingling fingers and a crapload of nervousness…, i started to have a wonderful panic attack….

ICC is Intensive care center and when i heard that, i thought the worst was going to happen to my dad, it was really scary!! then my sister gave me all the info and i then called my mom on his room phone number and she said that they wanted him there so that they could monitor it a little better. She explained to me that they were planning on moving him to a normal room which made me feel better.

A couple hours later, i went to see him and it is so hard to see someone that i love, in so much pain and it seemed like the hospital staff wasn’t doing enough. i hate it when it seems like they take forever to answer their nurse-call system. While i was there, the nurses from the ICC moved him to a regular room and when they got him into the new bed, they left and none of the nurses in the new area came to see him. so to get some attention, he had to hit the nurse-call button. then a nurse came in and said that none of them knew that he was up there yet…… that was very frustrating!!

Come to find out, somewhere around 60-80% of pancreatitis is caused from alcoholism or gall stones. well, he doesn’t drink, except for an occasional drink, and from the tests, they know that it is not gall stones. so, they have to take a medicine approach to all of this. they said that he will be in for quite a few days, if he gets better and if he doesn’t, it can be much longer. so, hopefully he gets better soon!!

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  1. holeinthehead 14 years ago

    Yikes! Pretty heavy dude. Hope all turns out OK.

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