Really really really pissed off right now. 

I\'ve been trying very unsuccessfully to log in to my account for college online. I can\'t for the life of me figure out if a campus-wide id and a student id are the same thing. I guess they\'re not since that number is not working. I\'m pissed off because I want to add a class, because even though I registered today, the woman didn\'t read my list correctly and three different classes that I wanted she completely ignored! I would much rather add them online then have to trek all the way down there again and stand in line to add three classes.


Also angry because I might have missed a HUGE opportunity to get free tuition. All because my husband wouldn\'t fucking file out tax forms until the very last minute, so I couldn\'t apply for the FAFSA. And now, turns out if I had submitted that by April 1st, I would have had free tuition. WHAT SHIT.


I sent an email to the financial aid office asking if there was any way possible I was still eligible, but now I am all riled up, and it\'s 10.30 at night and how am I ever going to get to sleep?

My feet are already tapping out of nervous energy, and I can feel my hands starting to sweat. I feel like running laps, but I can\'t because I live in a shitty neighborhood and it\'s dark outside. 

I am so frustrated right now. And there\'s nothing to do but wait and see if the financial aid office answers my email. Wait and see if I get a letter with a different ID number on it. Wait. Wait. Wait.



It\'s when I have a problem that I have to wait for the resolution that I go crazy. I like to fix things myself, NOW. Not tomorrow, not a few hours, NOW. I want to know NOW.

I really have got to learn some damn patience.


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