Easter Blessings to Everyone!!

   Well I will be 12 weeks pregnant on Easter Sunday! This pregnancy just seems to be moving right along. Thank goodness!! It was dragging but I think that is because 1st I was sick with the flu, then I had some issues with anxiety because I had the flu so long and it took forever to 100% recover from it. A few weeks. Plus my progesterone was really kicking my butt lol. I always felt out of breath and exhausted.

  Almost into my second trimester so far I am feeling pretty good. I have not gained any weight with this pregnancy yet. The Dr. says that is good because I have PCOS and started out kind of overweight. My arms and legs are getting smaller and only my stomach is getting bigger lol.

   I have had two ultra sounds both look good. I go back for another in 3 weeks. Ugh I can't wait!!. I wish I knew if I have a boy or a girl on my hands. It's really wierd. I usually know what I am having before ultra sound confirms it. I did with my last two babies but this time I am really not picking up girl or boy vibes. lol It's confusing!!. First I thought boy all the time. Then I thought girl and now I go back and forth. lol.

    Anyways, since I have really really paid attention to food labels my anxiety has started to get ALOT better and so have the heart palpitations. I haven't had any at night in a while thank goodness. I have learned I absolutely can not tolerate high fructose corn syrup, sugar alternatives of any kind or anything of the such. It makes me feel wired, tired, dizzy, heart palpitations and all kind of wierdness. Did you know miracle whip, canned tomatoes, stove top stuffing, most breads goodness most ANYTHING packaged has High Fructose Corn syrup. It's no wonder I was always feeling crazy and anxious. lol. 90% of what I ate had it. It is in everything it seems. So we are really careful now. I can tell a huge difference!!


I stay full longer, no jitters, no heart palpitations, no tired out of nowhere none of that now. It's so fabulous. Sometimes my eyes would even get blurry and freak me out. I guess I just can not tolerate additives and stuff in food like I used to be able to.


So now I use organic sugar or all natural date sugar and that also helps. I just try not to consume too much sugar because if I consume ALOT then yeah I get jittery and wired lol. I am just a sensitive girl.


Anyways, Have a great weekend. I have rambled long enough about food lol.


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