Last night i was pulled over for going a little too fast near where i live.


I had a bit of a freak-out when the cop closed in with me and I sort of paniced and turned into the first parking lot that came up. Only I sort of stopped right in the entry way.


I knew i should\'ve just pulled along the side of the road, but anxiety is like that, it pulls you to make it stop, no matter how. So i just stopped, put it in park, tried to calm down.


the cop came over, told me to pull into the lot, so I did. My nerves were hitting high up on the scale, probablly making my words slur a little.


That combined with my weird parking and the fact that i was acting really nervous, well- Cops associate that with suspicion, meaning I have something to be worried about.


He assumed i was drunk. I wantde to say "No Officer, I\'m not drunk, just insane." But that would probably be not especially better.


Another cop pulled up, the standard for searching me and doing a few silly sobriety tests. I nearly asked for the breathelizer. I\'ve never actually been drunk in my entire life, and the process was making me even more nervous.


Despite nearly falling over after the "count to ten while balancing on one foot" drill due to terrible balance, I guess I passed his tests. He conferred with the other cop (they independently asked me the same questions as well as searched my car, and wanted to know if i was on drugs for the SA. 


I managed to give them both the same answers, which is what i guess they were looking for. The first cop told me he pulled me over initially because i was speeding, but then I acted suspicious which is why we did the whole rigamorale.


I\'m sure it didn\'t help that I started laughing half way through the process. A combination of finding it all silly and being incredibly nervous (I once started laughing when a jimmy fund solicitor starting being particularly salacious in trying to get me to give them money, which gave them the wrong idea about my feelings on cancer)


The cop surprised me by actually explaining himself and sounding half-apologetic once he wasn\'t able to find drugs in my car to explain why i was so weird.


I\'m convinced he would\'ve given me a ticket if it had been a standard pull over. 


It\'s all about finding the silver linings I guess.


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