Probably the best part about my day was the dream I had from last night to this morning. It was just a weird and crazy dream. It ended by my boyfriend's mom yelling for my boyfriend to come downstairs, that's how I woke up, yet again. Then once I was up and around I decided to try to do my eyebrows (they were extremely bushy). I havn't had them done since I was in California and that's the first and last time I tried doing my own eyebrows (I ended up shaving off over half of my right eyebrow) So ya…I did my eyebrows and I thought that they looked pretty good, I thinned them out but they need more arch to them. I walk in and my boyfriend tells me that my eyebrows look sad and depressed and wouldn't stop commenting on how depressed they look. So whatever pride I had in doing my own eyebrows went down the drain.

I also found out that we're in fact not moving anymore. Half of the house was packed into boxes and we were going to start moving things over to the apartment when his mom looked at all the boxes and looked at the apartment and said "The apartment is too small, I can't fit everything in here." So they canceled renting the apartment. Now me and my boyfriend are going to be moving into one of the bedrooms downstairs and will no longer live in the attic. And we won't have to pay rent anymore, we'll just have to pay utilities. So chances are we'll have less space and be paying more. The utilities in this house are rediculous, water is about $700 a month, electricity is about $1000 a month and gas is I think $500. So me and my boyfriend had agreed that if his mom starts making us pay for more then our fair share of utilities then we're going to have a talk, and when I say we I mean him and his mom.

Because that's one thing that we can't spare is money, she was nickle and dimeing us before and it needs to stop. Because garuntee as soon as I get a steady paycheck her charging us more is going to be just as steady.

But ya…so I was basically feeling like shit and tehn my boyfriend had to add on to it by commenting about how he's dreading out anniversary…I'm sorry, but in my eyes that's not exactly something you say outloud to the person you're having the anniversary with. Maybe that's just me, I don't know, I could be wrong.

OH! Last night my boyfriend's brother had a slumber party with 2 of his friends…I guess they just call it spending the night, but whatever I like slumber party better. But ya…one of his friends kind of weirded me out. I was in the living room downstairs watching t.v. with them and one of his friends kept staring at me. It made me really self-conscious. Was my hair a mess? Did I have something on my face? Did I have something on my shirt? Was thee a bug on me or something? But ya…It made me feel really weird.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    Maybe renting a room elsewhere with kitchen privileges is an option, especially if you live in an urban area

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