I went to my sister's on Friday to shop for gardening stuff and to just hang out. After dinner we started chatting about our childhood neighbors who lived across the street (like how awful the one kid's hair was, how the one kid might be gay, etc). Just messing around. I asked her if she thought they were on facebook and she said she saw one of them on there, so I went onto her computer, onto her facebook which was already logged in, and requested them as friends, just as a joke. I also searched for people with my sister's exact name and requested them to be friends as well – thinking it would be funny when she saw them adding her. When she found out that I added the two guys and some other people she punched me really hard in the arm and said she was really mad, all the while laughing. She also said a few minutes later that she "got me back". So I didn't really think much of it, except I thought the punch was a rather childish reaction.

2 days later- I find this message on my yahoo from her:

Jen:so you really were serious that you went into my facebook and friend requested people with my same name? WTF is wrong with you?

Jen: Next time you go to your therapist i think you really need to talk to her about how immature and mean you are and how that probably leads to you not having many friends.

Jen: Cuz trust me if you were just a friend I wouldn't be talking to you for a long time, you are such a pain in the ass

Can we say overreaction?! It was a fucking joke! You can erase people from your facebook without them even noticing. What is the big fucking deal? It's not like she'll ever see these people. And why did she have to go and say the shit about me not having friends? She always seems to bring that up when she's mad at me to try to hurt my feelings. The real reason I don't have a shitload of friends is because I have social anxiety. Not because I'm mean. In my opinion, she's the one who needs therapy because she purposely tries to hurt people and she NEVER apologizes when she's wrong.

Needless to say I'm angry and upset. She's my sister and we've become really close the past few years, but I'm realizing maybe I should distance myself a bit… Watch what I say and what I do since she has a tendency to be hurtful. And she's not just hurtful to me. She says hurtful things to her husband and hurtful things about my dad. Maybe my mom was right when she said a long time ago that my sister is evil.


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