I had a dream about Griffin last night. Any dream I have, and remember is odd, but to have one clear like this was rare. His personality was the same in the dream: skittish at first then sweet…I miss him so much. Like I said before, with him it was love at first sight, literally. His orange and white fur was so beautiful. I named him after my parents’ hometown in Georgia. His fur was the same color as the dirt, well technically clay, here.
He was with my other babies. It was good seeing all four of them together…they never really have been. They had a barrier dividing the boys from the girls. In the dream they were together with no walls separating them.
I wonder if your heart ever really heals from a loss? Or does part of it become numb? He was the hardest for me to let go. Like I said it was love at first sight.
Mickey, his girlfriend of sorts, was picked so I could have two. There were others that looked like Mickey but I chose her for her mostly black and white fur. Griffin was literally a diamond in the rough, not sure if that makes sense.
They both have taught me lessons since I adopted them.
Griffin taught me how each day is precious and however much energy you put toward a pet, it will be given back in love–from both of you.
Mickey taught me–besides the fact pet stores don’t know males from females–how in a time of fear (when she was pregnant) can turn into love. I fell in love with Whiskers, Bandit and Fluffy as soon as I saw them huddled next to their mother the day they were born. On a side note, I remember running upstairs and telling my dad "she had them! she had them!"
Fluffy taught both me and my dad–who fell in love with them too–how precious each day is with your pets and family. I can now thank God for the twenty-six days I had with Fluffy and the three and a half years I had with Griffin.
I guess, me still missing him shows how much love I seem to have for the little guys.


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