Technically, my school schedule doesn’t change until next week.  In reality, it is different starting today.  Next week is finals week, and I have a different class on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but each one only meets once.  Monday is the English Cornerstone final.  I have a paper due in there which I need to get written.  I’ll do part of it tonight after the kids go to bed, and finish it on Sunday.  Tuesday is no class at all.  Wednesday is the final for my philosophy class, Contemporary Moral Problems.  It consists of a single essay question, with 2 1/2 hours to write it.  Thursday is the American  Literature final, which is the only one I feel the need to study for.  Friday is officially the final for my Fundamentals of Creative Writing class, but we aren’t taking a test.  Instead, that is the last day we can turn in our portfolio.  If we get it turned in before then, we don’t have to show up.  We can even turn it in online.

Normally I would have three classes today, Fundamentals, Cornerstone, and Contemporary Moral Problems.  However, today I only have Fundamentals of Creative Writing, which lets out at 10:50 am.  I think I’m going to go to the movies.  There’s a 12:20 showing of I Love You, Man, which lets out in time for me to pick up my son from school.

My wife is in bed, but I don’t think she’s quite asleep yet.  She went to the movies last night and stayed out until I don’t know when.  For the first time since she started going out on Thursdays I managed to get some sleep.  I know she came to bed around 6:15, because it woke me up.  I don’t think she saw him last night.  I haven’t checked her phone, but I know her fairly well after fifteen years.  I bought her a book for her birthday, and she blocks out the entire world when she gets into one she likes.  She seemed to like this one, and I’m pretty sure she spent the evening at a pancake house or coffee shop reading the book.

It’s time for me to take my meds.  I’ve had a severe headache for a few days now.  That’s not really anything new.  I’ve had chronic headaches for my entire life, and it’s actually more unusual for me to not have a headache.  The fluctuating Oklahoma weather set off my arthritis yesterday, so I finally took some ibuprofen.  The headache was too much for the medicine to handle, but it did help with my joint pain.  That’s a large part of the reason I got some sleep last night.  When you live with pain for an extended amount of time, any lessening of that pain usually gets filled with sleepy.

My headache is not as bad today as it had been yesterday or the day before, so I’m going to take some more motrin and hope it helps.


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