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We all want something out of this life. It’s like a treasure hunt with the fun of having an adventure. Some are lucky, they are well equipped and have all the required tools to face any obstacles. Others are less than lucky, they have nothing but themselves. Thing is we never truly know what we want until we get it. It’s like shuffling through a deck of cards until you find the right card. What are those odds?
When the cards are dealt, it’s like you know what’s coming but never know what you get. It is about how you use them and learn something out of it. Do we truly deserve what’s coming to us? Do we blame fate for handing us cards we did not wish for? It’s like we want to find someone guilty of your own misery because we cannot see how to deal with it. Or because we have already faced this kind of situation and cannot afford to go through it again. Have we truly explored all the options, all the combinations of our situation enough to be annoyed by it? Have we even looked at the oddity of this assortment?
We do not see through it. We always look at our endgame. The bottom line is too important to even evaluate the process of it.

Randomness is a law we are all subject of. It doesn’t have to mean we have to abide by it and forbid ourselves to make music out of different noises or negate the fact that giving form and meaning to colors can be a piece of art. Not everyone has a bag full of elements of this world to go with. They don’t know how to finish the puzzle that could take an eternity to realize until we see the bigger picture.

We wish for miracles, but we never take the time to observe the ones that happen around us. So accustomed to the same self-centered daily life we have that we cannot see how we affect others. Or even how we can be affected by them. A wish granted is not a miracle. It is just the result of your efforts and willpower that lead you to it. What a miracle is: is something that seems improbable but is happening. If you want a miracle to happen, you have to work for it to happen.
But take a moment to observe one and ask yourself questions you don’t have answers to. Questions that will make you think about it. Some questions cannot be answered without going through the process of thought. And some answers just do not exist. But that didn’t make you any less clueless. Your thoughts guided you to ideas and perspective you might not have seen before. As if you learned something new.

I do not wish nor hope for miracles. No, my chase is about truth within this chaos that surrounds us all.

Adept of the Improbability.

Shackled by the commodity of my unwilling randomness, I gaze upon the things that could be, that can be. Knowing that I cannot interfere with it I am nothing but only a Watcher. Hoping that my faith in this event will not fail and not result in a disappointment. Like a test that could redefine your perspective and help you. But you are unaware of it.

I wish to find the one that will free me from these invisible and unbreakable binds that holds me for life.

I can help them all…

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