We came across a misplaced childbirth tape.  We misplaced their birth tapes when we moved and the three adult offspring have never seen themselves being born.

The challenge is that one I found was one of the boys.   Our daughter said she didn’t care which birth but she wanted to see it.  The sons wanted to watch it as well.

I knew the day would come and I wanted their births recoded for a reason.

However, it wasn’t something I was looking forward for them to see.  I thought when their were at the married and expecting their own children stage that it just would be less awkward to share the revealing footage.

I started the footage of the birth of one of the sons.   We all watched.

What happened?

First, I have never watched any of my giving birth videos.   People say that you forget the pain and lack of dignity from the process.    People have also said that women lose their modesty for life after giving birth.   They lie.   I mean, it is a total lie from my prospective, and life experiences!

It made me even more modest and hate anything medical related for life.   It turned me against the medical field.

Back to childbirth video featuring not modest breastfeeding watching with adult male offspring:…

I asked the son who watched his birth and seeing me in that way about what he thought of it    He commented on all of the fluid that comes out the all the blood from my being cut during the birth.    Plus; they gave him oxygen so there was a tube attached to his head

He also flipped over during his arrival and had to be a turned around manually.   Then, he became stuck.   Next, forceps were used to help him arrive in the world.

I kept me knees pushed together watching it

I thought to myself that his birth video could easily both prevent teenage pregnancy and keep the world population from growing too large!

My daughters reaction is that now she wants a epidural verses how she felt prior to watching the horror film / one of my child births from @&@&.

Birth isn’t beautiful.  It is worse than I am thought it would be.

I feel more connected to my adult children as fellow adults and maybe even future parents someday.  I feel like they even look at me differently and appreciate what I went through for them   It is a look of respect.

I had to crawl for weeks verses walk recovering from being sliced up during his arrival. It was @&@$.

I conquered my fear of watching of the childbirths with my adult children and that is a good feeling!



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