Several weeks ago I heard that my ex had hooked up with a girl that in the area where we grew up and he hangs out at all the time, I also heard she has used herion for a long time. i have seen her from a short distance and to be my age she looks 20 or so years older then me.Which that doesn't matter I just hear prolong use of crack or herion age you fast. She also has several felonies on her record just from the past year.After hearing what and how things happened that one night I confronted him about it because both the kids have friends and know people in that trailer park and hear enough abut him. And the fact of what I heard just so didn't so like the guy I've known for 18+ years, but when I confronted him about the things I heard and how all his so-called drug friends are talking about him and laughing there butts off at him he just kept his head down looking at the ground and said it wasn't true. I told him he can do whatever he wants, if he has a death wish and wants to do really stupid things then fine but to go do it somewhere else so that it doesn't get back to the kids. That they have been hurt and embaressed enough but the things he's done. But I've noticed that since I heard those things and how he's doing herion too that he's had nothing at all to do with the kids no calls no nothing. Besides last week when he showed up at my work, but never showed up the next day to see the kids.

His real friends that he has nothing to do with anymore are also hearing that he is on herion, that he acting weird and just doesn't care about anything. I feel somewhat ba for turning my back  on him last week, not looking him in the face, keeping mu head turned away from him, I didn't want to make him feel like no one cares I just wanted to take a stand and not let him think he can walk over me and the kids anymore. But in my heart I think I did the right thing, we've been through enough with his drug use and always walking away from us, and it seems everytime he leaves and gets on the drugs each time he gets on them worse. I've spent my life trying to help him through his drinking and off and on drug use, and at this point I just don't think I have enough in me to go through it again. It's just hard to see someone you've spent pretty much your whole life with waste away, and do things that will either kill him or get AIDS and die from it……

My daughter got so pissed at him this weekend that she sat down the other night and wrote him a letter it started off –I hope whatever your doing right now is worth it, because Jake and I are probablly sitting at the house waiting on someone who will  never show..she goes on to tell him how how he has truly been the only real dad in her life and how much she loves him and how much she misses the old David..said if it was up to her she would do anything to have him in their lives but she can't control what he does or the decisions he makes only he can make that choice to see them..but she wishes he would hurry up and get his life together and be in theirs…it was so sad and in her heart she thinks that letter will change the things he's doing. I don't know but I hope for Jake and her that it will.

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  1. dferry31 13 years ago

    Thank you all for your support it does help me through the hard times, God Bless you all and you all as well will be in my prayers….have a blessed weekend

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