Today was GREAT……My boyfriend (mrk4na) bring home a book today from work. One of his coworkers had it thought he would like it. Well I picked it up and started reading it. It is a pray answered from my HP, strange but it is(strange because it came fast lol) the book is called secret by: Rhonda Byrne………my last blog told alot about how I have been feeling of lately. And to start reading this book was what I needed to hear. A postive thinking, I use to do that nothing use to brother me, bills , kids noises, I just took it with a smile on my face. I was the one who would go around humming all day long and didn't even know i was doing so. I had a hop, skip, and jump. Then I came into the drugs. i still had some that hop. But my problem came later in recovery( that is feeling not me) Some how I got lost I took everything to heart that is said to me. Someone told me my humming is ignoring so it took awhile but I stopped. Then words (which use to never brother me) became my knife in my heart. But I choice to allow it. Then my health ( I use to brag about never being sick) then the weight . I lost me who I use to stand for. I use to attracted people , things, life to me.things changed. I did it to myself because I was so busy thinking that the drugs was gone the life of choas was no more. I dwelled on it until the point of leaving me behind. After reading this book reminded me who I am. By reading this book i learned I was attracting the wrong thoughts. The thought s of bad not of good. I don't want that I want the good about me. I guess I am my own down fall of feelings. If I am going to make my program alot better, (which it is) life alot simpler. I going have to work on my thought in a good way towards me. I learned alot reading this book . I might seem alittle over with all of this but I still remember that choas of the past, and never what to go there again. So I work it to get to make my program tighter. Always room for more improvements.

So my ventory for today:

my mind as not on me

I felt good about everything

gratful for the book

I learned that good thinking is what i needed to instill in my mind.

I learned to be willing to make a commitment to my program, to be honest to my self at all time.

I have accepted that I will be working this program over and over in my life.

I have had  a full day of GOOD 🙂

and proud of myself by eating right today

smoking ? yep but its a work in progress. one thing at a time simple do it 🙂


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