i sure do hate it when you get looked down on by people who know nothing about you. this is like the second time in two months this has happened

i was out having lunch with my friend mike today, i was anxious but decided to push myself out anyway, i spent the day doing the old therapy stuff, you know..visualisation blah blah , when his friends show up and sit with us.

the next thing you know im getting interagated by what seems like the gestapo, what do you do for a living?…why dont you work?…well you seem alright?… but your out having coffee so you cant be that bad?…i would just pull myself together…dont you feel like you havent acheived anything in your life?..

well that was it, to say i wasnt slightly miffed was an understatement so i kind of let rip with something along these lines..

in 12 years of having severe depression anxiety and intrusive thoughts ive been through 2 intensional overdoses each time waking up with no one at my hospital bed due to my family not understanding my illness and not wanting to know me , then getting hospitalised because of the mental health act ,went through 2 year relationship with a girl who beat the p*ss out of me everyday then getting me jumped by 3 guys because she was a nutter and wanted me to kill myself but staying with her because i was an emotional wreck who couldnt be alone, lost my home and sleeping on floors for a year all whilst ill with severe anxiety and depression, had a heavy alcohol and drug habbit that put me in hospital countless times then lost my best friend to drugs. I was a physical wreck and only weighed 120 pounds.

in 2 years ive quit drugs and now alcohol all with no help apart from the E.R for the withdrawals, im now in regular therapy, ive got a new home new friends ive changed my lifestyle i train every otherday and now weigh 160,i still have all the same symtpoms but remain positive about life and always try and see the best in people no matter how bad im treated or how bad i feel so i understand that you are making a bad judgement about me because there was a lack of information but now you are more informed if you still feel that isnt an acheivement in itself then you sir can f**k right off

aaaaahhh lifes good sometimes lol

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    duchamp 11 years ago

    Hell yeah!

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    Rubired5 11 years ago

    Good for you! It is very hard for people who have not suffered anxiety, panic attacks, or depression to understand the death grip it has on a sufferers life. I will say keep your head up. Keep moving forward don\'t let anyone tell you can\'t, because you can!! HUGS!!

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  3. Author
    Chantale 11 years ago

    I really like your attitude! Good for you for achieving all that you achieved in just one day! Success isn\'t measured by what you do for a living, etc, it\'s measured by what you did today and you stayed true to yourself! Hurray for you. You should be proud…for starters, you pushed yourself to get out…that alone is success! Who cares what anyone else thinks? Honestly…keep up the great work.

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  4. Author
    ar310 11 years ago

    you sir are pretty damn awesome! 🙂

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    triggered 11 years ago

    Very curious if the interrogator was a man or a woman. It doesn\'t make it right in either case, but… it might make a little more sense.

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