Due to a slight physical deformity in my legs, I have been told that I couldn’t ice skate, and shouldn’t even try, for my entire life.  I have always wanted to.  I watch ice hockey and figure skating, and have always been impressed.

Tonight, I took a chance, rented some skates, and took the ice.

It was exhilarating.  I wasn’t all that fast for the most part.  My control is terrible, and I fell down three times, but I managed to skate.  I did 20 laps of the rink, and by the end I could go over an entire lap without holding on to the wall. 

The twisted nature of my leg bones means that there are some things I have difficulty doing–mostly things that involve pointing the toes of the skates towards each other.  My feet physically cannot do that.  However, the natural angle of my feet are perfect for acceleration.  Once my balance and control are better, I should be able to go incredibly fast.  I just need to work on stopping, and maybe get a strap to hold my glasses on.  They flew off on my last fall, and I am effectively blind without them.  Luckily, some other skaters saw the glasses and returned them to me before they got ran over.

I sent my wife a few texts telling her what I was doing (she was at work).  She responded with:

Out of curiosity, why @ 36 years of age w/bad ankles & having fallen on the ice just last DEC & hurting ur knee, would u ice skate?

I replied:

Because even after a lifetime of everyone telling me that I shouldn’t and can’t, I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to ice skate.  I have also wanted to skate specifically with you.  However, in case I actually couldn’t skate, I didn’t want my first time to be with you.  It would ruin the trip.  I saw the opportunity to give it a try without the risk of humiliating myself in front of you, and your mom was willing, so I went for it.  I had an awesome time, and think I did remarkably well.  I’m quite proud of myself, and want to do it again.  Although, I could probably use a bit of rest first.  Hope your night isn’t too busy.

My knees ache from slamming into the ice, and my shoulders are surprisingly sore from tensing them up so much.  But all things considered, I feel great.  I had an excellent time.  It has been a long, long time since I have felt happiness, and it was good.

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  1. thebadkitty 13 years ago

    So proud of you!

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