well haven't been on for like two weeks, which is odd as this site is usually up 24/7 on my computer.

Well now that Marley has his stitches out, when mum comes home next week I will be taking Marley to grandma n pops house to meet ther dog uncle Harvey (lol) and well just get socialized, the vet told me to take Marley out with me every chance I get so he meets all kinds of people and other dogs becuase of his extreme timidness of other people. So I rang grandma last night to tell her I will be bringing the dog with me next week and asked if she could have Harvey already out the front when we arrive as Marley does not do well when dogs run up to him (on a walk the other day a dog come running up to him to play and he just cowered and pee'd….lol) So to make the whole situation less scary I want Harvey out the front 1st, then grandma started saying, "oh your dog will be fine, he isn't going to be scared of Harvey" (Maltese) and I kept insisting he will be scared because Harvey being an overly friendly dog, he will want to run towards Marley to play, I know…. he did it with my other dog, and she just kept going on that every thing will be fine… I just kept thinking… I dont care what you say, my anxiety insists I be overly prepared, so bloody let me over prepare, just let me conrtol the situation, just let me make every thing as easy as I can for my dog, just go along with me, entertain me and just play the bloody game OK!!!

Have you ever wanted to yell at some one to just let you do what you need to do to feel… safe/ in control/ prepared??? and they just dont get it and they dont give in. Its so HIGHLY frustrating!!!


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