One month ago, on January 12, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I had been sick with pneumonia for at least a month before I was diagnosed. Apparently, it is gone, but I have still been feeling like utter crap. I have not had an appetite in the slightest and yesterday I threw up so much of what I ate. After I had such a violent vomiting attack, I couldn't breathe for the rest of the day and I couldn't stop coughing. My doctor had to prescribe me an inhaler a week ago, because of my lungs still being damaged from the pneumonia. Because of the violent vomiting that I did, my inhaler wasn't even working to help me breathe. Yesterday, I ate exactly what I felt like and I ended up throwing it all up. Since then, I've barely been able to eat and have been having no appetite and the small meals I do eat, I have trouble keeping down. My stomach is constantly hurting and bothering me, even when I do eat. My chest hurts, as well as my whole body and I'm fatigued a lot. But, I am so sick of going to the doctor. I've had to go to Urgent Care twice in the last three months. The first time was for having the flu severely. I went to the doctor and everything. I did everything I was supposed to and it still turned into pneumonia. I used to like doctors and respect them, but now I am growing a deep hatred for them. Everything I tell them they write off as nothing. I have been sick now for three months. I drank lots of fluids and continue to. I eat healthy. Thats exactly what I was doing yesterday, when I puked it all up. The doctors run tests on me, blood tests and sometimes some other small ones, then tell me that everything is normal and that I am a young healthy individual. Really? If I was a healthy individual, then I wouldn't be sick for three months! What is the point of having the insurance I have and going to the doctor if they are going to continue to do nothing? I am so sick of being in pain all the time. Life is so miserable. No one can or is willing to help me.

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  1. visualist 12 years ago

    With the way health care is, you really have to be your own advocate. Don't let the doctors minimize your symptoms and send you home without answers. Believe me, I know how much work that can be, but sometimes, it's the only way to get them to listen. We go in with everything written down so we don't forget to tell the doctors what's going on.

    I hope you feel better soon. ((((Hugs))))

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