So I haven't made a blog in a little while I guess I have just been putting everything onto the same few people which isn't really fair to them… So basically heres what has gone on…

I've gotten closer to Gavin we skype more often now and we text whenever we can. He is still one of the most important people in my life! I still really want time to speed up to when I am 18 so I can just leave with him… Hell this morning I wrote a huge thing to my friend about how I feel about Gavin XD…. I probably annoyed her though! I spammed her while she was sleeping!

Erm Connor has now blocked every single was I had to contact him… It's kinda upsetting but ya know he's a fuck boy anyways… even his friends told me not to bother with him because he's a fuck boy and a player… So I don't even care anymore I guess…

Marcos has started talking to me a little bit again… I don't get how it goes from him saying I love you daily to nothing to friends… It's confusing! I thought I was a confusing person but no damn this boy is confusing… Well I guess it's a good thing he only thinks of me as a friend again because I don't need anyone interfearing with me and Gavin!…

I think I told you guys my bunny died March 21st. Well my mom had to barry it while I was at a friends house so I wasn't even there when they burried my bunny 🙁 … She said my little brother was super sweet about it… He put lettuce and roses in the bunnies grave so it would have a pretty place to lay and something to eat just in case it got hungry…

I layed by the bunnies grave for multiple hours the day after my mom told me she burried it… I cried a lot… And I sang… I use to sing to my bunny… And cuddle with it while we fell asleep… She use to go to sleep in my lap… But now she's gone and up in heaven with Jules… I hope they keep eachother company…

I've started learning stuff on the flute and piano… I use to play the flute in school but now I'm learning real music… my friend knows the keys to the songs on the piano and she's teaching me piano and helping with the notes for the flute since they have the same notes… We are also writing a song witht the piano…

So I think y'all are basically caught up for the most part…. Have a great day 😀

  1. ennui79 6 years ago

    Wow, you have been busy!

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  2. destiny_smith 6 years ago

    yes it definatly is 😀 <3 

    and it's fine…. She was 5 and they don't usually make it to 6 but it would have been a good thing for the person that gave us the bunny to tell us before it died!!!

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