So far I've gotten the full time position in my department.  The down side is that I'm still split shift while I'm training in my replacement.  This is very irritating as I don't have the time to do the work for the full time job because I have to take my afternoons off to train in the evenings.  I know it's only for a short while, but I'm new to the full time job and I still need help myself!  So far help is very seldom.  I get so swamped with things that I'm just barely sketchy on how to do!

Surprisingly, one of the more 'hard-ass' coworkers I have there has been the biggest help.  Absolutely everyone is shocked by this, including me.  But I keep trying. I want to be able to do everything with the least ammount of frazzle as possible, even though I know this is a high frazzle shift.


Also, while I'm posting, living alone again in my apartment has been, well, lonely.  I miss having someone to chat with, or hug, or just curl up with. I'm a very social person and it's hard comming home and just having no one.  I've lapsed into my old habits too.  Forgetting to do chores, forgetting to take medicine, I feel like I'm an imbicile because I can't keep up with normal daily activity and that I somehow need someone around just to get through things. I don't like the fact that I'm so dependent, but the more "independant" I get, the more I just want to cry.


One good news though. I found an easy way to keep my apartment smelling nice.  It's so small that any smell just fills the place up, but I hate wasting money on air scent things.  I found that I've got some shower gel and body lotion of the same scent so when I shower with the gel, I use the lotion right afterward and it seems that everything I touch, then, ends up smelling like the lotion.  That works out because I can come home to a nice smell instead of random smells that I can't identify but apparently exist.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    There are somethings you can do for yourself like a pill minder and check lists to keep your remembering when you want to forget. The down side of becoming independent is you may indeed have to learn to depend only on yourself, which at first is very intimidating.


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