Hi there,

I was normal guy doing my stuff. An introvert small life,small circle.

Then i met someone special friend. She became an addiction,used to share every small details with her,

Suddenly someone came between us and now she don’t even bother to talk with me like i was never important to her. I am so anxious and depressed that im not able to get rid of her memeries.DOn’t know how to handal the situation. My heart is beating like as of race horse. Please help.

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  1. lecourage 2 months ago

    Hi Rajan,
    I feel for you greatly. I am sorry your friend broke things off. I know it can create such an empty horrible void to go from elation with someone to nothing.

    I can tell you from experience and guilt that I do that. I try not to but it’s what I need. It’s not that the person I was enthralled with has done anything wrong, it’s that I can’t maintain the level of communication, support etc. My anxiety kicks in and I need to be alone.

    I don’t know if this helps. I have decided that I won’t be starting any relationships until I figure out what’s wrong with me. Take care.

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