There has been so much hate being spread for fidget spinners.

If you don’t know what they are, a picture will be uploaded with this blog. They are little toys that you use your fingers/hands to spin them.

I know these have been around since the 90s. I don’t know why they have suddenly just exploded in popularity until now. It’s weird how America is tbh.

Well, I recently got one, and I wanted to share my experience with the toy.

My whole life, I have been an anxious person. Trauma, abuse, disorder all have come into play with my anxiety. I had friends in high school that were special needs that played with these toys, but of course, I never paid attention to it.

I’m going to say it now: I am one of those kids who taps his feet or clicks pens profusely during class. Annoying, right?

Ever since i got this spinner, I have been able to use my pen as it’s supposed to be used–for writing, not clicking.

I also have a chronic tick disorder. It is characterized my motor ticks that are triggered by some of my anxiety–some are triggered by anxiety, some I can’t help. Right now, I have ticks with my fingers, arms, neck, and legs. I am constantly moving my arms in weird positions in order to pop the bones under my elbow. I always am popping and rolling my neck.

I’m sure there aren’t many studies about tick disorders/tourettes and fidget spinners, but I have noticed a slight decrease in my obsession of popping my arms and biting and tensing up my hands and fingers since i have started using this spinner. I hope it really is helping these ticks because they really suck when you’re trying to write/work/drive/etc.

Anyways, i wanted to write a little about my experience with this new “trend”. It’s seemed to help me in a few different ways. Maybe it can help you guys.

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  1. civilsouvenir 6 years ago

    I really like this blog. Thank you for writhing your experience.

    I’ve felt with tics due to autism and anxiety. But I went on a rant about then the other day because it was like the whole fair ground we had had all these kids playing with them and this one boy kept throwing it at me. So I had a bad experience thinking that they are like num chucks essentially.

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