I wish someone would have told me that life was hard. I try to be happy but sometimes I just can’t fake it anymore……. I am so sick of people saying I know how you feel, no you won’t bc if you did then you would know that I don’t want to be touched or bothered. when I was little I was touched by my cusin and that still haunts me I don’t like to be touched by anyone but that doesn’t mean that I can’t stop my parents but I am ok with them bc they are the ones that helped me through it. sometimes I wonder what was he thinking, I was sleeping and powerless we were supposed to be family and now I can’t even be in the same room with you anymore, and I have to keep that from his sisters bc we are closes and I know how much they look up to him. it is hard but somehow with the world on my shoulders i am still someone balanced. I hope yall are haveing a better day them me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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