ady Lynda Entertains Herself with Illicit Thoughts

“:I feel so comfortable in my flannel primrose pink nightgown. “My periwinkle bluelounge chair is so comfy and Beddy Bye tea is so relaxing. Its passionflower reminds me of my illicit times with Nick. Oh that Nick was so dashing. It was so passionate in the beginning. I’m getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

“Nick is that you?” You’ve given me a second chance. Oh darling I know I don’t deserve it. I’ll never make you paint your house with Spongebob Square pants.”I was such a fool to leave a man who really appreciated me.I fool such as I. I should have been grateful Please give me one more chance. I’m running toward you with open arms. I’m running to you Oh I’m Oops. I feel so embaressed falling flat on my face. Oh Nick I feel you gently lifting me up. Your arms are so strong and manly. You know being a klutz isn’t so bad when I can be rescued by a sexy hunk like you. You make it almost a pleasure to fall on my keister. Any reason to close to you is a pleasure me. SSuch strong arms here to control me. I could use some controlling. Get my drift?

Venire gamely“Yes I do darling. Are you on your feet okay? I was such a cad to paint my house that way But all I could think of was teaching you a lesson.
Lady Lynda playfully replies Yes I’m on my feet okay. That word reminds me so much of Seymour. He’s a natural born shoe salesman. He’s a shoein.”
“He’s such a heel taking you for granted. I want to love every part of you.”“Nick you make me feel like a woman”“That’s the whole idea Lady Lynda”

Nick gently placed Lady Lynda’s feet on the ground. She was glad he did for this meant she could get a new perspective on her situation. And what a fine perspective it was. Nick never looked hotter.

Rapid thoughts suddenly flooded her delicate frame of mind. Oh yes he treated her so unfairly. But how could she resist such a hunk exuding such intense sexiness. Lady Lynda was palpitating from experiencing such intense confusing, mixed feelings. Yes he was handsome. Yes he was a sexy hunk but she cheating on Seymour. Dear sweet Seymour Toze. The man who s been sharing her life in one way or another for so many years. For so many decades. She remembered when they first laid eyes on each other in high school some twenty years ago. While at least twenty years ago. Even then as she climbed out of the swimming pool in her prim bathing suit with the skirt like fringe bottom half , how he stared at her toes. At first she recalled if there was something wrong with them Then she saw how smile slowly grew into a smile of delight and deep satisfaction. It was then she knew how highly he thought of her ten foot appendages.
Yes from the very beginning I realized Seymour liked.. I mean he utterly adored my ten pink pretties with their hot pink nail polish. And I thought that was fine with me since I was a proper young woman who didn’t believe in intimacy before marriage. But now that I am married it does bother me , being with a man who doesn’t want all of me. Oh yes he’s a good provider working as a salesman and pedicurist at “Into Leather” shoe store. As he calls his pedicures. Pedi cures. And that moonlighting as a photographer of women in open toed spikes and stiletoes. I wonder how much he gets turned on by their toes and if I should be jealous. I vaguely remember him telling me he was sick in the hospital when he was twelve. He happened to see a fellow female patient scratching her toes. He became aroused. Must have been rough going through puberty. Funny how innocent incidents can be so influential for such a long time in one’s life. What if she wa scratching her privates. What a major difference that would of made on our love life!!! But that’s neither here nor there. The fact is Seymour is a toe man and Nick, despite my problems with him , is a total woman man. Oh what to do. Yes it was terrible how Venire tried not only to humiliate me, but bring down the entire neighborhood just because I went back to my husband. But I know it would feel so good to be someone who could appreciate my entire self. If only Nick’s passion wasn’t so tempting.


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