I have been going through some shit lately…and I have been a drama queen( which I hate drama queens) so anyway I am repacking my things and I ran across a poem I wrote a very long time ago.. probably in 2001 okay so I find this poem and realize I need to start being Jen and deal with the crap in my life the Jen way… who was this person this drama queen I was becoming… I don't like her she has to go… so anyway I just got done reading a blog on here about a girl who eats and throws up… YOU CAN DIE from that….so this poem is for me, and her and everyone else who reads this blog…. so let me tell you a little about Rhinos… they have thick skin about 2 inches thick… okay so we can all put on our own rhino skin and when stuff comes at us we don't have to let it touch us…

here is my poem

Don't forget to count your blessings

with each passing day

and even when you think it's bad

You can make it be okay

Anyone can put it on…

with the right attitude

So don't forget your Rhino Skin

to help you make it through.

I hope this helps you as it does me…you are in control of yourself… we can't control or change anyone but ourselves.

So smile, take life as it comes, and as Jason Mraz says in Details in the fabric

calm down, deep breaths

and get yourself dressed

insteadof running around

and pulling on your threads

and breaking yourself up

if it's a part, replace it

if it's a broken arm, then brace it

if it's a broken heart, then face it

And hold your own, know your name

and go your own way

hold your own, know your name

and go your own way

and everything will be fine…. ect listen to the song it is great


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