Maybe you know


between the fact
I was underestimate my self;now I shall
my feeling swerved and crash into hope



among the general warning ,
this natural concern from my close friend
from you,
to face my damaged condition,


an empty place
were I neglect your hart,
my precious Love,sorry


The abusive painting of shapes
of patterns,
narrow my logic thinking,I shall


the interval of hope
I swear ,so
distant from hope, or at least a dream


I swear I have had feel it ,
before,intimidate and also
my incapacity to be courages, as a new who shall


natural concern from courage
to face inaction


to want with envy
my self back,so than
I will dream my hope again,so than you will know my missing courage


in my heavy life,Honey tell me
into my hard life,babe remember how much my PAIN….
in my complex life,Michelle remember my intense perseverance


in my life ,I Have had feel it
I swear with all my scare ,
if I shall now,honey


it is just I have to prove it again,
because it is just like that LIFE


because hope it is not free,when you shall

Philippe martin


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