I swear to fucking God, I'm about to lose it and I don't give a damn.

 My sweet sweet cunt of an aunt likes to talk about me. And you know what? It pisses me the fuck off, not just the fact she talks about me – because I fucking hate little shits that talk about things they don't know anything about – but the fact that she fucking lies when she talks about me. And she knows it. And she doesn't give a fuck.

 It pisses me the HELL off. 'Oh, did you hear? Tayah takes this medicine, called Prozac, it's because she has a really bad temper problem.' No, you motherfucker, I take it because pieces of shit like you are in my fucking life.

'Oh, dearie me. I just found out that Tayah takes the same medicine as her mother did when she was alive. Well, two peas in a pod, I guess. Her mother was a disgusting, sad alcoholic.' You're right. She was also twice the woman you'll ever be.

 'I really think Tayah should reconcile with her father, you know? She's being much too hard on him.' Not to mention the fucking fact he beat my mother, practically belittled me, was an angry alcoholic who liked to use his fists, got sent to jail because he tried to kill my mother and essentially ruin my life, and when the asshat got out of jail he just went back to fucking drinking, and didn't bother to contact me for TWO FUCKING YEARS, EVEN THOUGH HE HAD CONTACT WITH HIS OTHER ILLEGITEMATE BASTARD CHILDREN EVERY FUCKING DAY, AND WHEN HE DID FUCKING TRY TO TALK TO ME, IT WAS TEN O'CLOCK AT NIGHT, AND HE WAS AS FUCKING DRUNK AS A GODDAMN FIVE BUCK WHORE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, ASKING ME TO 'FORGIVE DADDY BECAUSE HE FUCKING NEEDS A REASON TO LIVE.'


(why do i even bother anymore? i'm getting some pills from a friend in a few days. wouldn't be too hard to od, i guess.)


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