Hello ladies and gents. Here I am to talk, again, about people on the net and how they think they can know you after one or two statements. I have had this happened to me more than once cause of one statement I made. People think they know a person after they have talked to them for just a short time and I find it very funny cause I think that most people hold back so much of their lives from the rest of the world. They forget that they make statements that people will judge them upon and they will think that is unfair of other people, but when they do it they have absolutely no problem passing judgment upon others as if they know everything about a person from just one statement or sentence. I find it very interesting that they give themselves the right to pass judgment upon others when they never look in the mirror and ask themselves why they do it and yet they would hate other people doing it to them. So please tell me why do some people, or I should say a fair amount of people on the net, think they have the right to judge on on just a phrase or a sentence they made in a chat room or a comment they may have left on a persons web site or page. Personally I have no right to judge anyone for anything. My belief is that a higher power is the only one to make a judgment on others, but that is just a personal belief of my own. I just want to know what gives some people the right, other than their own mind, to pass judgment on others from something they have said when the person who is passing the judgment may have said something that that would make people judge them in not a good light either. People are more than just a statement or two on the net. So unless you have walked a mile in the other persons shoes please never think you know another person, because it is like pointing a finger at another person three of those fingers will be pointing back at you.

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    Agreed. Well, i think ,that a good amount of people on the net "NOT ALL PEOPLE" are socially ackward to a certain extent, and the only human interaction they have is through a  computer screen, a lot of these people are very insecure and when they judge or point fingers at another person they're only talking about themselves really, something about the person they are judging resonates with them , something they reject about themselves , then  they need to make someone else feel bad so they can feel better about themselves, they try to fill that emptyness by hurting other people but what they don't know is that really, they're just hurting themselves even more. I have been through experinces when i've been judged and critizized and i've gotten really hurt because i'm very sensitive and my hope when i talk to other people is to get a sincere and respectful interaction and that isn't always the case this is why i keep my profile private and i am very careful who i talk to. And in the chat room i'm very real but i am very aware that not everybody thionks like i do so i try to keep an open mind and i try to encorage people to respect each other and nurture each other starting with myself. People are just cruel sometimes Lone and i'm not justifying their behavior but i think trying to look at it this way has helped me understand it a little bit better.



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