I had a great day with my daughter, Mikki and her beau. They came to pick beans and just spend the day on the farm. Then it rained. Then it thundered. The sun actually came out for a spell and we played in the mud. The garden is starting to produce tomatoes, green beans, cabbage, peppers, and cucumbers. I'm sick of cucumbers. So are the neighbors.

I sent a bushel of green beans back with Mik to share with her co workers and friends along with tomatoes, and peppers. The cabbage is a Swiss cheese variety. It looks like I've been shooting it with buck shot. I refuse to use insecticides on my garden. As a result, I play it by ear using things like flour or dish water to deter the little hunger pests. The cabbage is not winning.

I feel a bit privileged to have been allowed to survive the dying years to get to this point where I'm retired from my job after 38 years of service. I actually retired. Not everyone gets to do that. I get very bored some days as I was a manager with a nice team of folks that I enjoyed. In preparation for retirement, I went back on the floor in customer service to answer the telephone and correct accounts. I loved my job. But, I drove two hours one way to get there. My hip couldn't take that being folded up like a Swiss Army knife for 12 hours anymore. Not only that, the last year I worked I drove on the edge of a tornado (what the hell is that tree doing in the road?!?), two blizzards, and numerous foggy nights. I worked swing shift. Which is fine if you are a gun and knife person. Dark country roads can be a bit unnerving.

I miss being social. I miss laughing with my peers and having someone to sup with. So it goes.

I have to go to my ID doctor tomorrow for the latest results of my blood work. I've seen highs and lows, experienced crippling depression and been so happy I'd float in on an old issue of Sports Illustrated to leave on the waiting room table. Currently the blues has started to smack me around a bit and I think I need to find something to hit back with. I think it's a part of having the gooch. The meds contribute to it also. If the meds were represented by candy sticks; I've had a lick of all of them.

Time for me to sleep.

  1. Cinciskeet 9 years ago

    I wish dogs could stay for ever. I wish all man kind got along. But I m grateful for my journey.  I know we all get a cross. It's a cross we bear, but a cross we share with those who see our journey and learn from it. 

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  2. ms83poz 9 years ago

    Well said friend

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