im 17 years old and in 3 months and soon to be 2 im going to be a mom. i never thought that id be in this position in life and getting ready for a baby but here i am buying baby things and getting my sons room ready. im so confused and scared of all the possibilities and not knowing whats going to happen next. the father of my baby and i are currently together and its just been a wild trip for us, hes been so supportive and is so excited about the baby but i cant help but think that maybe one day he will walk out. my dad walked out on me when i was 12 and the times i see him hes enjoying his life with another women, the thought of going through that and experiencing the pain my mom went though scares me. being a soon to be mom is so frightening and so tough sometimes i really do want to give up but i know i cant because although my son isn’t here i love him with all my heart. but it does hurt being called trash and used up from my peers for being pregnant.

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  1. mars0723 2 years ago

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’re going to be an amazing mom and I wish all the happiness for your new family 🙂 Don’t fear about whether your son’s father will leave or not and don’t fear the pain of birth. Live these special moments to its fullest because one day you’re going to tell your son in the future how strong his mom is 🙂 You got this!

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