I…I really am speechless. After all the drama last night with my cousin, my mom told me this morning….my cousin wants to stay with her boyfriend. She's 38 years old, she's not this naive youngin'. Has two kids, the oldest just graduated high school and her other is in middle school. She has a mortgage…and as my mom was telling me….she also pays for his cell phone and his truck. As soon as she mentioned that, Isaid she needed to cut his phone off (among another thing) and stop paying his truck.

My mom being the voice of reason, continued to explain…when she was with my cousin comforting her, he arrived at the house.To my surprise, my mom calmly spoke to him and told him if he was leaving her, he was leaving for good. No contact with her nor the baby.He asked if that was what my cousin wanted. My mom told him no. That's what she wanted and made it very clear that she would hire a lawyer plus bring in the police to make sure he would stay away. After she told him that, she said, "But, Noemi doesn't want that. She loves you and she wants to make this relationship work. You need to be a man, stand up for your responsibilities and take care of the love you have here." She peacefully told him a lot of other things. My cousin kept crying but she made it very clear she wanted the relationship to work.

I have to hand it to my cousin….I'm impressed. She didn't put up a wall and kick him out – which I would've done in a heartbeat! But she's fighting for the love she has. She went through this before and it caused her such heartache. It took her six years before she even let this guy get close to her and now, she doesn't want to go through the same thing as before.She's following her heart. She simply needed some guidance….and my mom was it.My aunt passed away in the late 70's and my mom is her Godmother so she promised her sister she would take care of her two daughters.

Wow….I can't….I couldn't…I just…I…don't know. There's no way I'd put up with that…but then again, I'm not in her situation…and she's almost due. There's so much more involved that I will never understand which is probably why it's so easy for me to say I would NEVER put up with anyone who hurt me. Then again, I've never been in love like that…

I don't know….

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  1. MarcAnthony 11 years ago

    No, no, he never hit her. There was never any physical abuse….now, emtional, well, that's another thing. He cheated on her. 

    I'm trying to see things differently. My mom's calm reaction completely surprised me but, after thinking about it, understandable. My mom didn't try to make a decision for her, she left that up to my cousin and her boyfriend.

    I guess, if someone truly loves another person with all of his/her heart, there has to be forgiveness after there has been mistakes and hurt. There also has to be trust, communication and honesty….it's so easy to give up on a relationship when cheating is involved but my cousin is willing to fight for her relationship…this time she's not giving up so easily. She's choosing love. It's difficult, it hurts but that what her heart wants.

    Honestly, I don't know whether to be proud of her or smack some sense into her! In the end, it's up to her.

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