I never new that it would come down to nothing. Something to think about without nothing. Someone to rely on without knowing. Coming closer to a screen without thinking. I never new who I would be. I tried to focus on who I saw, to be me. I tried to learn the books to be smart. I tried not to fail at waking up with a smile, but I failed anyways. I never new I would see this day. I cared for the right people. I cared for the wrong side of them. I cared for knowing if they see me. I wonder if I would care to care for me. It ended up and down for me. I never new me.

  1. hey-its-me 4 years ago

    Hey, do you need someone to talk to. I am here for you.

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  2. wisecrackingwaffles 4 years ago

    Hey, friend, hang in there. Sometimes, we feel like we’re caught playing a role to make others happy. But don’t forget that you still need to be you, for your happiness. Don’t give up. I know how bleak the world can feel. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

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