So I have always wanted to try this whole blog thing, so here goes.

Like my title says STIGMA(WHY DOES IT STILL EXIST???) Come on now, we are living in the 21st century where 80% of the world population is living with HIV. Why is it that some people are still not clued up about this disease, why are you still judging your neighbour, friend, companion, family member who is living with this disease??? WHY WHY WHY??? There are so many diseases out there that are far worst than HIV, HIV is still a managable disease and you can still live normaly with it. Who says just because I am positive i don’t deserve love just like anyone else??? People actually believe that once you are HIV positive you have this death sentence awaiting you, pssssst please. People die everyday because thier day has come to leave not just because i am HIV Positive i will die before you who is negative. I could out live you whilst you are living your negative life and thinking you have your life under control. Trust me, NO ONE has thier life under control, we are all living on borrowed time. I just wish people would get them selves educated when it comes to HIV because it will help a great deal in the future. STIGMA for who??? Let us stop Judging and help each other over come circumstances in life. You can have HIV and still live that life you have always wanted, just only if people would stop bieng so narrow minded about this disease and step up becuase we are all fighting our own battle which we are aiming to win and conqure. It makes me so mad when i hear a grown ass person asking questions like a 2 year old. GET EDUCATED!!!!!


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