Its very difficult for me to say write all this for its makes me relive everyday but i will relive it if it means it can help someone else.

OK so here goes My mom ran away when she was 16 years old she ran to the city where she met my father no this is not a love at first sight story even though i wish it was.My mom is american while my dad is Mexican my mom was 16 he was 18 and well she had no where to go so my dad said to her have sex with me when ever i wan and you can stay in the extra room where i live ….So she agree in no time my mom was pregnant with mt eldest sister Emily then my older sister Cecilia , after ceci my mom started hard core drugs bye  he age of 20 she had me i was in the hospital for day i was addicted to drugs meth, heroin….soon after my mom was pregnant with m,y little brother Alfredo my mom told me everyday she regrets what she did and what she did was drugs my mo  though it would be OK if she kept using because the way i turned out not that bad i guess but in his cause it wasn’t like that he wasn’t fully there and he had holes in his brain and he was int he hospital for almost a year after that my brother was token from my mm and was put up for adoption while me and my sisters left to live with my grandma .I hated it there i was 3 years old and i never met my grandma before and now  i was living with her but that didn’t last long thank god …..soon after mom came to get us and we lived together happily me mom .Emily ,ceci and dad 🙂

That’s  what i wish i could say ……i would wake up every night to the screams of my mom as my dad beat her .My mom would cry as she held me close .My sister Emily was a different story she was a daddy girl all the way my sister and dad would call my mom fat pis stupid and worthless almost everyday i would hols her while she cried but she dealt with it everyday just for us girls my mom was 23 when my dad knocked her front teeth out and she had to get fake ones .My mom and dad never quit drugs they were not always there in there minds. When i was 5 my mom  and dad were cheating on each other every chance they could get My mom started dating a man named Cesar .My dad hit my mom one night and we left all of us even though Emily was screaming and kicking the sit but mom seen  Someone  breaking into our house as we left so we turned back around.It was my dad he was hitting my grandpa but don’t hate my dad he may seam like a bad man who hit a woman but if you got to know him  he was funny and a person who would drop his life for his kids.My mom called Cesar and Cesar brought friends .They beat my dad over and over with belts wood there fist anything they could get there hands on there was 5 guys against my dad .I ran to my dad and tried to shield him from getting hit but i was hit against  my face with a belt by a grown man being 5 that knocked me out i wok up in a car in front  of my house with my sisters screaming and crying i could hear my dad screaming but they wouldn’t let us out of the car my dad was the only thing on my mind ….my dad was in a comma for 7 months they Brock ribs and his legs and gave his cuts on the back where they  beat him almost to death.My mom stayed with Cesar no matter how much we hated him ,4 years passed and Cesar was living with us in a new house and in the middle if kck i was 7 .when i was 9 my mom was happy she was off drugs and has been clean for almost 5 years but i cant say the same for my dad he was living on the streets still doing drugs.My mom soon told us she was pregnant by Cesar and we were all pissed oh god another one we thought .But when miley was born all those thoughts of hatred went way i never seen such a cute baby before .It was 2012 miley was 8 months and my grandma (the one i hate) took us all camping my mom and Cesar didn’t go.The day before we left mom and Cesar showed up i was so happy i could have cried. that morning we all ate breakfast and we were going to go swimming Cesar wanted to swim from the camp site so mom said yes and from the water he yelled MILEY I LOVE YOU I BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER I WILL NEVER LEAVE  YOU……That’s what we all thought …mom drove us all to the beach  where Cesar should have been but he wasn’t my mom asked the guy he swam with but they said he went under my mom through herself in the water but started to drown  herself but a man came and pulled her out.After 45 minuets of searching my mom was a widow and miley was fatherless please copy and past this link if you can to show i wasn’t lieing

My mom when into depression and had to take pills  but the doctors soon found out she was pregnant with twins but the pills she had to take made her miscarry them.My mom started drugs again an we had to go stay with my grandma (the one i hate ) my mom was unstable they all said but i didn’t think that my moms my world .When we when to live with my mom again she never came out of her room so me and Emily ended up taking care of miley. Ceci wasn’t  good with kids so we didn’t make her do much .we had to clean and cook for yourself i was 10 and Emily was 14.My mom told us that she was pregnant again and with twins again by a man maned Aldo but 2 mouths after she had a  miscarriage again my mom shut herself in her room and never came out i would knock on the door and see if she was hungry but she wasn’t .2 years after my my mom met roman and got  pregnant with twins this Time they lived Bellasara and Rebecca but they just made things harder .My sister Emily became so overwhelmed that she lest with woman that was twice her age and went and got drunk and did drugs Emily had to quit school so she was unable to go to 7th or 8th grade and ceci die’t go to 7th i din’t go to 6th …Emily was never there ans neither  was ceci i was though i stayed home and took care of the 3 babies all by myself my was so far up roman ass she never thought of us.but mom soon got a job and things were kinda going OK for a while miley still never came home so it was me and ceci and the baby’s till mom got home from work mom would leave 4 in the afternoon and come home 7  in the morning. mom would tell us to clean while she was home so i did. ceci would hit me if i didn’t do something right she would push me down the stairs and beat my head against  halls she would pick thing sup and hit would come home and i would be crying on the floor with cuts and bruises   all over me .Emily had to come home them she had to protect me from ceci…if we needed food or anything but roman left her and didn’t  care about the twins ..My mom met Julio and she got into hard core drugs and she sold them too after 2 tears we were kiked out of our house and we had nowhere to go .we lived out of our car for a while but we soon lived with Julio friend in a drug house us 6 kids lived in the attic while mom and Julio lived in a room was beat everyday but Julio but mom dealt with it for us 6 kids to have somewhere to stay.The men there soon said that we weren’t allowed to eat there food so we had to steal food from stores all around us ..WE stole food and things to drink. The water was soon turned off and we went weeks without food and drinking anything we could and when i say anything i mean we were so thirsty we had to drink someones bath water i know it sound gross but it kept us alive ..don’t you dare think my mom was a bad person cause she wasn’t she fought everyday for them to give us food and to turn the water back on.we were soon kiked out of there and we had to live in our car again but before all that we were caught stealing at Walmart .Did any of you hear of the homeless woman that stole from Walmart well that was me and my family.

yes i am the fat girl in the picture but i do not look like that now i cut my hair and lost about 50 pounds so i look  better still fat with puffy hair but better i guess.well that was us and i think that kinda explains what happen there.well with all that money we got we went from hotel to hotel and we finally found house but someone stole it right from under us but that was OK we were going to find a better one…mom stopped drugs for good this time and Julio stopped hitting her we were finally happy…but Julio was soon token to jail for being illegal  with a gun  and he was deported back to  didn’t know what to do but she didn’t go back to drugs we ended up staying with one of my moms school friends for a little bit.Mom went to buy us school close i got a whole new wardrobe so did my mom got a call from a man that said he might me able to help get Julio out of mom got dressed and was about to walk out the door with Emily and Becky .I said mama i love you and she said i love you to baby.hours later i was getting worried them the man we were staying with got a call from mom and mom told him to go get Emily and Becky. Emily   and Becky came home and  Emily told me that police officers came and took mom i fell to my knees and started to cry and i couldn’t stop kinda like they way i am right now…..I gave my mom a neck less  that said mother about a year before this and Emily pulls it out of her pocket and she told me mom said to never take this off cause shell be back to get i never take it off never i still have it around my neck and it has bee 4 years since then i’m 14 now and i was 11 when that happend  Emily is now 18 ceci is now 16 and miley is now almost 7 and the twins are 4 i live with my grandma the one i hate .we get into fights almost everyday she punched me in the face one time hahaha cant i ever get a break i don’t get to answer the phone to my mom or get her grandma dosent understand everything went though shell never understand ..she yells and screams all the time al me …. i hate  my life but what else can i do .My mom was my world i love her so much i wish i could tell her i’m sorry for everything and tell her how much i love her.I wish i could call my dad and tell him i need him that i miss him so much and tell him how much mi love him.

MOM….i love you so much .you are the rock i lean on mama i still have the necklaces i never take it off never.i miss you so much i wish you would come home already

Dad….i hope your okay i want to call you and hear your voice cause i need that reassurance i love you dad i wish you were here to tell me everything is OK..




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