I am sitting here waiting to walk the dog… knees and back are hurting today..it is overcast and damp( and a little chilly..28degrees) I don\'t think it is the cold so much as the humidity.. Sucks, used to be a time when it could be 30 below and I would be out playing.. between getting older and the joint pain.. I can still run circles around my children, though… even though Brandon is taller and heavier than me at age 14! Wish I had his size when I was his age…or Zack\'s for that matter.. They have such different perspectives and attitudes for being twins!

I am not sure what I have planned for today, I know I have to clean up after having the boys for the weekend.. They are back at their mom\'s and I am back to my usual routine.. clean, library, perhaps grab a video. I really should get my taxes done.. TurboTax, here I come!!

 I might go and buy some wood and make a start on a new coffee table for the living room.. it\'ll give me something to do other than lie around reading all day.

 I may even decide to walk to the home depot with Nikki.  She will appreciate all the different smells along the way.. she needs to get out and run.. since she got away and dominated that other dog, I am careful to not let her off the leash… Her fault.. chasing squirrels is one thing.. seeking large male dogs to show how tough you are isn\'t conducive to free-run time around here! I am glad that the owner of the other dog didn\'t get too upset.

 Mikah is back with Summer.. and is out of the hospital… I hope that he doesn\'t get sent to Afghanistan or Iraq.. I know how quickly a life can be lost in combat… Well, I will try and add more to this journal, later.. I have to get moving or I will just sit and freeze up and be here all day.. Nikki would not like being couped up all day.. it isn\';t raining.. she wants OUT



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