I’m staying pretty busy these days. Mostly with just the act of living.

Sometimes I wonder if that is a good thing or bad, as I’m rarely idle. Lots of research, reading, spending time with friend and so on. I can’t really keep up with many of the internet places I used to haunt regularly. (here for example.)at the same time I don’t miss the feelings of being down all the time.

One coping habits I’ve been thinking about is the development of a personal emotional storm shelter. A way to protect myself from the storm of emotions and depression. Part of that is a sturdy network of friends, part of it is also living in the moment. Now that isn’t to say ignore the potential of the future, but it is about making it through THIS day, and not stressing over tomorrow. I’m using writing, and reading to help shore up the walls of my shelter as well as staying busy with friends.

What is your storm shelter? What do you use for "sandbags," to help you face the rising strength of depression? Can you work on making them more effective? I know in part that has been one of my goals is to make what I have stronger against the storm, and not simply ignore it until it comes, but work towards it being as stable and strong as I can get it. With my returned interest in reading I’ve used old favorites to keep me entertained without threatening to trigger me. I’ve also sought authors who can entertain without being too serious and who are unlikely to hit those triggers. This helps me ease into reading new things that might stretch those boundaries. I also have spent a lot of time working on artwork, which is fun and often silly drawings I’ve been trying to digitally color. This is very safe and stabel, but sometimes frustrating to me. Yet it has no triggers so I can keep at it without issue.

I’m not encouraging people to hide. Not at all, instead I’m suggesting a way to build that safe place, and use it only when necessary.


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