Karleen was right ~ letting Zach spend the night at his friend's house seems to have helped him greatly. I'm really glad to have him home though. The whole time I worried and fretted over how he was doing. There was no need. He did call me once at around 1 a.m. because he was feeling scared, but hearing my voice calmed him right down and he went right back to sleep. What a brave little man. I love him so much.

Today we're relaxing for the most part. Later in the afternoon we're going to go visit Zach's Grammy (Aaron's Mom) and I hope that is good for Zach too. Even though she and I don't always see eye-to-eye, she loves Zach more than the world and is always affectionate with him.

I'm tired again today. I slept until 10 a.m. but was up at 4:30 for some reason last night. I went and got a drink and stood on the porch for awhile looking at the moon and the stars, and it calmed me enough to go back to sleep. Aaron said I was talking and yelling a lot in my sleep last night. I only remember one instance of this as he woke me up to get me out of the nightmare. I don't remember them most of the time. But this has been happening a lot since the "incident".

Right now I'm just emotionally drained, and physically as well. I'm coming down with something, it seems like a cold or maybe a sinus infection. Must have to do with all the stress the last few weeks. My body is all out of whack from the poor sleep and the constant stress.

Zach is being his usual self. He's playing with legos and with games on my phone. He loves strategy games and building things, it's one of his favorite things to do. That and draw ~ and man, considering how difficult it is for him to have a steady hand due to the Asperger's, he draws amazingly well! I'm so proud of him ~ my little artist!

It's a gorgeous day here, in the mid 80's and a nice breeze blowing through to keep it comfortable. I love my time online because I sit here on the porch and watch the animals and birds and take in the view. I never get tired of nature or her wonders. Every time I look at it around me it gives me strength and hope.

I have to remember to water my plants today. I forget that in the summer heat they need it every other day almost. I also have to weed my little garden, but I'm dreading that because it's become so overgrown. It's my own fault ~ I haven't been giving it the necessary care it needs lately. I'm just having a hard time finding the motivation to do stuff. Even feeding the animals every morning and night is a real chore.

Last night looked like it was going to be a good one as a family. We all went out for ice cream with my Mom and everyone was in a good mood. Until we got home that is. Aaron had accidentally closed Carley in my Mom's bedroom when he let the bunny out (Carley like's to sleep on her bed). She gets freaked out when she's stuck in a room, and she shredded the carpet at the door trying to dig her way out. My Mom was so angry that she didn't speak to anyone the rest of the night. 🙁 It's sad because it was all an accident and while we reprimanded the dog and we're now keeping the bedroom off limits to her it doesn't undo the damage she caused. Maybe little by little we can save up to help Mom redo the floors in a year or so. I'm also going to write her a long letter of apology for all the trouble that we've caused her and thank her for everything she's done for us. It needs to be said, and I intend to make sure she knows that.

Well, I have to go take care of the animals and then pull out something to thaw for dinner. Hopefully by the time Mom gets home things will be a little better and she will have calmed down some.

I'm nervous because I'm working on Wednesday night, but it's a 4 hour shift and we need the money. I'll just have to push myself. It's time to let this crisis pass and to get back to normal. Besides, working usually helps me feel better.

I hope you all have a great Sunday and don't forget to look at the moon tonight if you can! It's going to be full and it will be the closest to the earth that it's been in quite awhile ~ supposed to be a very beautiful sight!

Thank you all who have been so supportive through this rough time, but I've finally realized we're going to be okay. And my friend Cami is right ~ Zach's not a victim, he's a survivor, just like me. ((((HUGS))))

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

    Dear Keya,

    Sounds pretty normal. Your Mother's reaction is all too common. We (your family) are going through the day and , through no onrs fault, there's an unhappy incident (the demolished rug) and your Mother allowed this to ruin her whole day. Life isn't perfect and we have to hang on to our joy whenever it happens and not let one negative incident be the memory for that day.

    I think the letter of apology is good. I also think periodic notes of appreciations are better. Do not wait for a "rug incident" to tell her she is loved and appreciated.  Hugs Mary xx

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